Coating Weight

Materials which are coated and have a coating weight requirement are subjected to test inspection to a specification. CMS preforms coating weight verification in accordance with governing specifications. Typical coating weights are specified as oz/ft² or mg/m². Typical coatings verified, zinc (hot dipped), iron phosphate, zinc phosphate, and anodizing methods.

Galvanized coatings are tested in accordance with ASTM-A90, and must meet specification requirements of governing specification with it is ASTM A653 or ASTM A53.

Iron Phosphate and Zinc Phosphate have several specialized specification such as TT-C-490E for this substrate coating for application prior to prim and painted applications. These types of coatings require special attention as improper weights lower adhesion of prim and paint application.

Anodizing methods are typically tested to AMS A 8625 or MIL A 8625.