Forensic Metallurgical Engineering

We are proud to offer professional, expert services in metallurgical failure analysis and forensic metallurgical engineering. Any reports produced by CMS and opinions expressed on behalf of CMS have and always will be supported by the certified testing procedures and calibrated equipment at the CMS facility. We hold true the belief that a single testing procedure is worth a thousand expert opinions. 

The entire focus of a CMS forensic metallurgical investigation is to determine the root-cause­ of a component’s catastrophic fracture, performance failure, or degradation. Our multi-faceted, investigative approach guarantees an efficient use of your time and resources, as the CMS facility is capable of conducting most of the testing procedures that are required for a thorough failure analysis investigation in house, unlike most of our competitors.


In the course of the 25 years that we have been in business, CMS has conducted failure analysis investigations, corrosion analysis and evaluations, metallurgical consulting, and forensic metallurgical investigations of components in the following applications:

  • Pipelines, pressure-vessels, and machinery in the oil and natural gas industries
  • Heat exchangers and boilers in HVAC industries
  • Monitoring equipment and airfoils in the propulsion and power-generation industries
  • Fan blades and fastening hardware in the wind power-generation industry
  • Cranes and fastening hardware of industrial construction equipment
  • Rotary hardware and stabilization equipment of recreational and industrial aircraft
  • Utility pole hardware in the lighting industry
  • Pulverization equipment in the coal power-generation industry
  • Fastening hardware in the railroad transportation industry
  • Sound dampening hardware in the power-generation industry