Jominy Testing

This testing is indented for determining the hardenability of steels. This test method assures that the material you are using is going to respond correctly to heat treatment. This is a very well documented with correct hardenability curves as seen in ASTM-A-304. These curves give High and Low values which material should fall into. This testing consists of a special machined sample as governed by ASTM-A-255. This testing can be done on a sub-sized sample which does not meet the standard size bar dimension as governed by Appendix X1.2. After sample is machined, it is normalized (even if your material is already in the normalized condition running this will make sure it is in the normalized condition) at specified temperature and oven cooled. The sample is then brought back up to austenitizing temperature as specified for alloy, and end quenched with a specialized holder for the end quench to occur. The sample is then machined for a two sided parallel surface in which hardness readings are measure at 1/16 inch measurement. The data collected assures you that the material is within the standard curves as specified in ASTM-A-304. Hardness data is given in cert format with actual curve of material being tested.