Wedge Testing of Bolts


Wedge Tension Testing of Bolts—This process is to determine the bolt still meets ultimate load requirements of the bolt with placement of a wedge under the bolt head. Wedge angle are dependent on the size of the bolt being tested and is determine in accordance with table 2 of ASTM-F-606. The hole in the wedge shall have a clearance over the nominal size of the bolt, and its edges top and bottom shall be rounded as specified. The minimum outside dimension of the wedge shall be such that during the test no corner loading of the product head shall occur. The bolt shall be tension tested to fracture. To meet the requirements of this test, the bolt shall support a load prior to fracture not less than the minimum tensile strength specified in the product specification for the applicable size, grade, and thread series. In addition, tensioned bolt shall fracture in the body or threaded section with no fracture occurring in the junction of head or shank. This specification is important because bolt don’t always see straight tension when used in the field. Bolts that are place in 90º corners often experience wedge like loading, and this specification allows the proper verification of bolts head and shank strength.