Weld Certifications 

CMS is the premier testing lab in the Mountain States region for both structural weld procedure/performance qualification and aerospace/military weld certification. With the support of our extensive Machine Shop equipped for sectioning and machining test samples, coupled with our heat treat capabilities; customers are ensured significantly reduced turn around time and lower costs. CMS has a  Certified Welding Inspector dedicated to testing your welds in accordance with desired codes. We specialize in Welding Procedure Qualifications and Welder Qualifications.

Applicable tests may include some of the following all of which is preformed under the suporvision of a CWI; tensile test, fillet bend, nick break, bend, charpy impact, macro hardness and macro etch.

The following are samples of specifications used in testing:
AWS D1.1 through D1.8, AWS D15.1, AWS B2.1, ASME code sec. II,
VIII, IX,  ANIS/AWS B31.1 & B31.3, API 1104, AAR Specification AMS/MIL-STD 248, 278,1595, & 2219 AWWA-C-200.

All tests, qualifications and certifications are performed under the supervision of a Certified Weld Inspector (C.W.I.).