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About Colorado Metallurgical Services

Colorado Metallurgical Services has been an independent metal testing laboratory since 1987. Colorado Metallurgical Services is located near the Stapleton area of Denver, in a building that covers 12,000 square feet, which tripled the size of our previous location. This location will provide us enough room to grow with development options. 

CMS is continuously dedicating time and energy into upgrading and expanding testing equipment in an attempt to fulfill the needs of our customers. Please re-visit our site often, as new services will be advertised as our equipment becomes available and ready for use.

Our Commitment 


Colorado Metallurgical Services (CMS) prides itself in its role as the premier third-party independent metals testing laboratory of the Front Range community. We embrace and fully commit to the responsibilities that our customers place on us regarding their need for material testing services.

Our Mission


Material performance in any application or industry is critical to the safe, efficient, and economical operation of any component. By testing your materials today, we can assure your product performance tomorrow.

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