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Metallurgical Services

We are proud to offer professional, expert services in metallurgical failure analysis and forensic metallurgical engineering. Any reports produced by CMS are always supported by the certified testing procedures and calibrated equipment at the CMS facility. We believe that a single testing procedure is worth a thousand expert opinions. 


The entire focus of a CMS forensic metallurgical investigation is to determine the root-cause­ of a component’s catastrophic fracture, performance failure, or degradation. Our multi-faceted, investigative approach guarantees an efficient use of your time and resources. Unlike most of our competitors, the CMS facility is capable of conducting most of the testing procedures that are required for a thorough failure analysis investigation.

  • Digital imaging of specimens, from low 10X up to 200,000X magnification.

  • Secondary-electron (SE) imaging provides excellent imaging of surface topography.

  • Back-scattered electron (BSE) imaging is also offered, which provides the user with a unique way to view elemental changes on specimen surfaces. 

  • Elemental micro-analysis via energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy (EDS) provides the user with an elemental spectrum of an area of interest. 

  • Dan Schmidt has operated a JEOL 840 scanning electron microscope for over 20 years and has achieved over 10,000 hours of analysis time on this analytical instrument.

  • VHX-5000 Keyence Digital Microscope. 

  • View your part in complete focus with this digital stacking microscope

  • The view you image from 20X-200X (excellent for fracture or dull surfaces) with our low magnification lens, or 250X-2500X (great for specialty metallographically prepared samples) with our high magnification lens.  

  • 2D and 3D stitching capabilities with on-screen measurements and exportable data. 

  • High-resolution camera for high-quality images. 

  • Easy multi-angle observation for quickly changing observation angle. 

  • Fully automatic X, Y, and Z motorized stage for excellent 2D and 3D photographs with 3D viewing and measuring.

Colorado Metallurgical Services currently performs metal testing for reverse engineering purposes. If you are looking to improve a current metal product concept or design, or if you are just simply looking to duplicate a metal component, CMS can help you. Our full-service laboratory has metallurgical, mechanical, and chemistry departments that can help you identify the material, the typical processing techniques, and (in most cases) the heat treatments that have been applied to components.

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